John Hicks
for State Representative
District 43

Residents of Kentucky's
House District 43:

You're hiring!

Your old State Representative is retiring.

Three new faces will be on your ballot this fall:
 ▢ Typical Democrat from West Louisville
 ▢ Typical Republican from East Louisville
 ▣ John Hicks (that's me!), a Libertarian from the Portland neighborhood

My Republican opponent is not running an active campaign (possibly because he has been disavowed by the Republican Party!).

My Democratic opponent seems to be politics-as-usual (a lot of radical/progressive-sounding words but backed by the usual kingmakers of the Democratic Party ).

Why you should choose me:

  • The Most Qualified. I have a broad range of business experience in two careers, news publishing and software development, which brought me in contact with a wide range of businesses, large and small, in a variety of industries.
    My Democratic opponent claims no experience in the private sector, only non-profit and governmental appointments. (Learn more)
  • Independent. As a Libertarian, I'm not controlled by the Big Party machines or moneyed interests. (Learn more)
  • Balanced and Principled. I'm the moderate in this three-man race. I believe in the classical American political principles that recognize every individual's dignity and right to live a full, rewarding life.
    • Equal rights for all, regardless of identity group or lack thereof.
    • Civil liberties, including free speech even.
    • Respect for individual choice, via free markets or otherwise.
    • Respect for religion, or lack thereof.
    • Skepticism of power, in government or otherwise.
    • Respect for constitutional limits on governmental power.
    • My three Cs: Community, communication, and cooperation.
    • Belief in the importance of building a world where everyone can achieve their full potential.
    (Learn more)
  • Electing me will shake up the broken system!

Our two-party system is broken.

Our own District is a perfect example of how broken our electoral system is:

  • Gerrymandered districts. Our district is horribly gerrymandered, stretching in a narrow band along the Ohio River from Chickasaw in the West to Indian Hills and Saint Matthews in the East. This disenfranchises voters and harms community cohesion.
  • Incumbent advantage. When our 14-year incumbent announces his retirement, it triggers a mad rush to take his place. (There were seven candidates for this office in the Democratic primary!)
  • No run-offs. Someone can win with only a small fraction of the votes. (The winner of the Democratic primary got only 29% of the vote!)
  • Too much money in politics. My Democratic opponent has received over $50,000 in contributions for this race. And he owes favors to all the kingmakers of the Democratic party. (See the details)
  • This dysfunction allows the party machines and big-money interests to run the show.


... what electing just one Libertarian to the Legislature could do!

  • We'll wake up the business-as-usual politicians who take our votes for granted.
  • Since I'm not beholden to either party, I'll be able to work for cooperation and progress instead of the usual partisan infighting.
  • I'll be positioned to go to work for electoral reform (a life-long passion of mine), starting with Instant-Runoff/Ranked-Choice Voting.

A representative you can be proud of:

  • Louisville native
  • Portland resident (6 years)
  • Vietnam Veteran (draftee)
  • BA, Stetson University
  • Public schoolteacher (2 years)
  • Community newspaper publisher (10 years), wire correspondent, and radio-TV producer
  • Business analyst, software developer, IT consultant (30 years)
  • (Learn more)

My priorities as your next State Rep:

  • Get West Louisville moving! Empower the natural leaders of West Louisville to build strong local businesses that provide good jobs and generate wealth for the entire community. (Learn more)
  • Our children, our future. Enable quality education and job training for everyone by encouraging innovation and a diversity of options. (Learn more)
  • Bridge the East-West gap. Take advantage of our badly gerrymandered district to help bridge the gulf between Louisville's East and West ends (both of which lie in this district). (Learn more)
  • Get people working together. Take advantage of my independence as a Libertarian in Frankfort to work for cooperation between the two major parties.
  • Fix the broken system. Encourage the adoption of a better electoral system, one that features proportional representation (PR), ensuring that everyone is represented in their legislative body. (Ask me about STV, a system that features instant-runoff voting and multi-member districts!) (Learn more)

I'd love to speak to your local
church or community group!

Contact me at
or 502-213-0428