I'm the moderate in this race!
Balanced and Principled

I'm the moderate in this three-man race, with my two opponents on opposite ends of the political spectrum. (My Republican opponent has actually been disavowed by the Kentucky Republican Party for some insensitive comments on race and marriage!)

I believe in the classical American political principles that recognize every individual's dignity and right to live a full, rewarding life.

  • Equal rights for all, regardless of identity group or lack thereof.
  • Civil liberties, including free speech even.
  • Respect for individual choice, via free markets or otherwise.
  • Respect for religion, or lack thereof.
  • Skepticism of power, in government or otherwise.
  • Respect for constitutional limits on governmental power.
  • Belief in the importance of working together to build a world where all can achieve their full potential and live a full, rewarding life of their choosing.

I've tried to avoid running my campaign on hot-button topics of the day since they come and go. But I've tried to be open about my thoughts on particular issues when I've been asked about them. Below are my responses to various surveys of candidates in this year's elections. Where possible, I've included the responses of my opponents, so you may compare our beliefs.

Courier-Journal survey - includes my responses and those of my Democratic opponent. The Republican candidate did not respond to the Courier's questions.

KentuckyElection.org - from Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. (Note that you must input a voter's address to pull up responses for local candidates. Click on “State Candidates” to see the three candidats for this race. If you don't live in District 43, try a non-existent address like “ 2950 Northwestern Pkwy, Louisville KY 40212 ”.) The Republican candidate did not respond to this survery.

Kentucky Candidate Information Survey (pdf) from Vote Kentucky.us, (a project of the Family Trust Foundation of Kentucky, apparently pro-life but not the same as American Family Association). The Democratic candidate did not respond to this survey.

Charles Booker
John Hicks
Everett Corley
Ballotpedia Ballotpedia Ballotpedia
VoteSmart.org's “Political Courage Test” VoteSmart.org's “Political Courage Test” VoteSmart.org's “Political Courage Test”
WLKY: In Their Own Words: Charles Booker WLKY: In Their Own Words: John Hicks WLKY: In Their Own Words (Apparently did not participate)

Note that a number of interest groups sent me surveys asking me to commit to proposed legislation (but without providing me the text of that legislation). I did not respond to such surveys. I have made no commitments to anyone on my future votes.