Here are some ways you can really help:

This is really a challenging district to campaign in: Sixteen miles from one end to the other, covering nine neighborhoods and at least eight cities! I can use all the help I can get!

I'm running on a shoestring budget, so ingenuity is the key!

  • Word of mouth. Tell your neighbors that I'm running and why you think I'm worth supporting.
  • Help me find places and events in your neighborhood where I can meet voters. I'll be happy to meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime!
  • Help me distribute flyers in your neighborhood. Or post flyers or posters where they can be seen.
  • Put up a sign and help me find good locations for more signs.
  • Give me feedback on my campaign, including any ideas on how to reach voters.
  • You can really help with a donation

    Here are some things we need that cost money:

    • Campaign signs
    • Targeted mailings
    • Printing flyers and posters
    • Targeted online advertising

I've invested a couple of thousand dollars of my own money in the campaign so far. I have no business, union, PAC, or institutional donors, just friends and family, so every little bit helps! We are well under $3,000 in total donations so far (as of 10/20/18). (My Democratic opponent spent $32,000 in his primary campaign alone! We don't need that kind of money because we can know how to be frugal, but we can sure use all we can get.)

Please donate what you can spare today! Thanks!