Why I'm running for office now
(for the first time in my life)

Three major issues that I'm passionate about are each emerging as urgent matters.

  • Education. Schools could be so much better. But is the current war between the JCTA and the Bevin Administration going to improve them? My first professional job was as a public schoolteacher here in Jefferson County. I know the great potential that exists, and how much our students are missing.
    Who's going to look out for the students?

  • Louisville's West End. While other neighborhoods may decline and recover, the West end has been stagnant for 50 years. I'm a native Louisvillian who lives in West Louisville. I want to work on this urgent issue that affects everyone in our city.
    Why is the West End stagnant?

  • Our democracy is broken. Our gerrymandered district is evidence of how dysfunctional our “democracy” is. More and more people are turned off by politics and are feeling alienated. Could our antiquated two-party electoral system be a major part of the problem?
    Let's fix our democracy!