Why has the West End been stagnant for 30 years?
Are the gatekeepers asleep at the gate?

Although District 43 includes parts of both East and West Louisville, it is the West End that most needs our attention.

When I left Louisville for a job in 1986, the West End was at a low point, but it seemed to hold great promise. Yet when I returned to town in 2004, I saw it had not improved at all but had declined even more.

Neighborhoods naturally ebb and flow over time. Why has the West End stagnated?

In 2013, I moved from the East End to West Louisville and have been getting to know my new neighborhood.

I have found there are many great leaders here who are hard at work despite many obstacles. Yet still, change is not happening.

I don’t have a magic solution, but I see a need for serious data gathering, analysis, discussion, communication, and cooperation, and I want to help with that.